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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. When should I sign up?
  2. Fall term is the beginning of each school year. You have the best chance of enrolling in the Chinese classes in June when fall term registration starts. If you want to join the school after fall term has already started, please e-mail or call the school.

  3. How can I sign up for the classes?
  4. Please visit our registration page

  5. For which Chinese classes should I sign up?
    • For non-Mandarin-speaking students: 4 to 6-year-olds start with Immersion Chinese levels 1-3 and Kindergartner Chinese. 7-year-olds & up start with Immersion Chinese level 4, pin-yin crash.
    • For Mandarin-speaking students: 5-year-olds start with Kindergartner Chinese. 6-year-olds&up start with Ma Li-ping Chinese level 1.
    • If the student wishes to receive credit, he/she may also take high-school-credit Chinese class simultaneously.
    • Please visit our class descriptions page for more details.

  6. How can I make good progress in my Chinese class?
  7. Choosing the right Chinese class, attending the weekly lessons, finishing homework assignments on time, and studying with the CD-ROM that comes with the textbook on each day will lead to excellent progress. Each level takes one school year to complete. If you dont feel comfortable to move to the next level at end of the school year, you may repeat the same level the following year.

  8. What should I do when I miss a lesson?
  9. You should talk to your Chinese instructor in advance and study the missing lesson at home with the CD-ROM. OHCS doesn't offer make-up lessons; however, your instructor may give you some help through e-mails.

  10. The class for which I want to sign up is currently full. What should I do?
  11. E-mail us your name and the class you want to join. We will put you on the waiting list and let you know as soon as we have an opening.

  12. I'm planning on enrolling my kids in OHCS in the coming fall. Can I reserve a slot in advance?
  13. Yes, you can e-mail us your request. We will keep you informed when the fall registration starts.

  14. Are parents allowed to stay in the class?
  15. Parents are welcome to stay in the class as parent helpers. You will need to make an arrangement with the instructor in advance. If you want to learn Chinese with your kid, you will need to register as an adult student.

  16. My Spouse and I don't know any Chinese. How can I help my child at home?
  17. The CD-ROM that comes with the textbook can help your child practice Chinese at home everyday. Please check your child's Chinese school folder each week and make sure that she/he finishes homework assignment on time.

  18. Is tuition on the Web site monthly or yearly? Do you offer a sibling discount?
  19. The tuition rate is for each term as indicated on the "tuition" page and the registration form. We don't have sibling discounts since our tuition rate is already very low.

  20. What is the maximum number of students in each class?
  21. The average student number in each class is 12. Higher-level Chinese classes have fewer students than lower levels.

  22. How many teachers and/or teacher helpers are there for each class?
  23. There are one teacher and one teacher helper in most classes. You will be asked whether you'd like to be a volunteer when you fill in the registration form. If you choose, "Yes," you will become a teacher helper, and you can pick up the days that you'd like to volunteer at the beginning of each term. If you choose, "No," a $20 non-volunteer fee will be added to your total tuition.

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