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Chinese for Kindergartners (中文学前班)


5 & up


No previous learning experience is required for Mandarin-speaking students. Non-Mandarin students who have already finished Immersion level 1 and 2 can take this class along with Immersion level 3. Students are required to finish homework assignments, which will be given each week. Daily practice with the CD is necessary.

Class duration

30 lessons in total, 10 lessons/quarter, 1 lesson/week, 85 minutes/lesson.

Material needed

One CD-ROM and four lesson books. (Materials are available at school. $30 in total).


This class is designed for young children to learn Chinese in a fun environment and prepares students for Chinese Immersion (levels 4-7) and Ma Li-ping Chinese course. Students will learn Pin-Yin, including consonants, vowels, tones, pronunciation, and spelling rules, and practice basic Chinese strokes. Approximately 100 Chinese characters will be taught through 30 lessons. Chinese nursery songs, stories, and games are blended in to each lesson to enhance students' interest in learning the language.

中文学前班是针对5岁左右学龄前儿童开设的中文课程。 本课程的教学目的是通过系统的教学和训练, 使少儿具有最基本的汉语听,说,写的能力;能正确使用拼音,了解汉字的基本笔划及书写规则;能认读课本中出现的基础汉字。通过成语故事,诗歌,儿童歌曲逐步培养学龄前儿童对中国文化和汉字的学习兴趣,养成海外儿童从小说汉语,写汉字的习惯, 并为接受小学阶段的华文教育打下良好的基础.

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