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5 and up


Guo-Zhong Zhuang


No previous Go experience needed.

Class duration

10 lessons/quarter, 1 lesson/week, 55minutes/lesson.

Material needed

Prepare a Go set (stones and a board)
Yellow Mountain Imports and Go-Game Store

The class will typically...

  • Introduce basic knowledge such as Go history, termologies, rules, and proper playing manners.
  • Teach various playing skills covering different phases: Opening/Joseki/Middle Game/End Game/etc.
  • Review students' games, and correct common mistakes.
  • Arrange internal games.
  • Once the students get to some level, organize competitions with local Go players.
  • The Game

    Go is a fascinating board game that originated in China more than 4,000 years ago. It is played today by millions of people in the world, including thousands in the United States. In China, Japan, Korea, it is far more popular than chess is in the West, Go is the simplest of all games and the most complex of all games. Go is one of the most popular game in the world today and the oldest game still played in its original form. All Go players are equal, and always know where they fit in. Go is about building, not destroying. Those ancient rituals impart important values. Go rewards patience and balance over aggression and greed, Go combines beauty and intellectual challenge. Let us lead your children into mysterious Go palace !

    围棋是一种迷人的棋类游戏,它起源于4000年前的中国。今天,全世界有成千上万的人正享受着它带来的乐趣,其中也包括许多美国人。在中国、日本、韩国,它的知名程度远远超过了国际象棋。 围棋是所有棋类项目中最简单的一种,也是最复杂的一种。 围棋是当今世界上最普及的,也是历史最悠久的棋类项目之一,但它还保持着它最初的形态。所有的围棋选手都是平等的,独特的让子制度可以平衡实力的差距。 围棋欢迎创造,远离毁坏。它所遵循的古老礼仪传递着被广泛认同的价值观。围棋崇尚耐心与和谐,鄙夷侵略与贪心。围棋把美与智慧联系在了一起。让我们带着您的孩子走进神秘的围棋殿堂吧!

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