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Welcome to Oregon Hope Chinese School!

Oregon Hope Chinese School (OHCS) is an Oregon state and IRS-recognized public benefit nonprofit organization that was founded by a group of professional educators and parents in 2005. Our mission is to teach the community about Chinese language (Mandarin, using Pinyin and simplified characters), culture, and heritage, without discriminating based on race, color, religion, or national origin. Children as young as two and half years old can enroll and learn Chinese. Gifted, dedicated educators make learning Chinese Mandarin fun and entertaining, and educational for your child.

What is the world's most widely spoken language? Yes, it is Mandarin Chinese! With globalization, Mandarin has become increasingly popular. Many schools in the U.S. have adopted Mandarin as the foreign language of choice. Studying Mandarin Chinese is something that will materially contribute to a child's quality of life in the decades ahead. Oregon Hope Chinese School Mandarin classes make the early language exposure a reality. Now is the time to learn Chinese. Whether your child understands/speaks some Chinese at home or is a non-Chinese speaker, there is an array of Chinese classes at Oregon Hope Chinese School to suit every student's needs.

OHCS provides Saturday Chinese lessons, Chinese Preschool and Kindergarten, Summer Camp, and After-School Chinese. OHCS also initiated Hope Chinese Charter School, a public k-8 charter school.

Parents are an important part of children's education. OHCS relies on volunteer parental involvement to assist with school activities. OHCS always welcomes enthusiastic educators to become faculty members. OHCS sponsors and offers various activities and services for parents and students, such as lectures, free lending of Chinese reading materials, and Mandarin story time!.

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